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The copywriter taking your business by the hand

Company Message

Andrea N Smart

The 'girl behind the words' is warm, authentic and enjoys fun. Probably just like you!

My skill of being able to come up with just the right words at just the 'write' moment is indeed a gift. I treasure it and use it so that others can also benefit. I'm not at all selfish! ....... I'm Intuitive!

Since I was able to read, I have been fascinated by words. One of my surprise gifts to my Parents, was reading the word 'Percolator' from a box on the kitchen table when I was knee high to a grasshopper! You can imagine the joy!

I wrote a story when I was at Junior School. I typed it up on my new portable typewriter that my Grandad had given me, and bound it in cardboard. I drew a picture on the front and showed it to my Mum. Effectively I had self-published my first book! I then gave it to a friend of the family, and years later, the weathered book came back into my hands. Oh the words of innocent wisdom! They have the ability to power our soul! I now write full time on a freelance basis.

My service is simple. I want the world to read, see and hear the best messages of love that I can deliver. So, you could say that my service goes beyond words! Getting to the heart of copywriting is my promise.

Your customers want to be looked after, or they may go elsewhere! Therefore, by looking after YOU with a SMART service, your customers will also feel the benefits!

The SMART Copywriter promise is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. I am here to take you by the hand and make a commitment to meeting those needs.

What is it that you require?

Do you know?

Do you think you know?

Or do you not know at all?

I do - I already have a solution to your dilemma. AND all it takes is a quick phone call to find out just what that is.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best personalised service in the industry.

Check out my Blogs - there are a few! - In particular I have one located here!

I shall help to provide the information you require to build and sustain your business.

Call me, message me, fill in the contact form, whatever you like........ Just DO contact me.

I really can help!

Bye for now,

My very best wishes for you today, tomorrow and all the days thereafter!

Andrea N Smart


Sutton, Surrey



+44 (0)7570 592 243


Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Sat & Sun: Closed


Please TEXT me if you have an out-of-hours emergency! (I will respond as quickly as I can)